Why do People Look for Anonymity in Network?

What is anonymity? This word is derived from Greek language and means someone who has no name. So nobody can identify a person and as the result it is impossible to track his actions, reach his personal data and restrict his liberty. This attitude is realized in election systems of many countries, when a person can vote in favor of the politicians without representing. It is natural for many people to divert a sum to charity on condition of anonymity. There are a lot of examples proving the compelling reason for such a behavior.

Anonymity in Network

Anonymity is vital in today’s privacy-conscious Internet environment where users want to keep their private information safe. It concerns Internet surfing, credit cards and other payment details whether you use your home network or corporate website. In both cases if you are not protected there is a wide range of people who can have access to your data and who do it with criminal purposes or for other personal use that can cause much of harm. For example, your content admin has keys to the information protected with a password, hackers can easily find the way to know your secrets including email subscription signup and other sensitive data and use it against you. Even the negative blog comments may be a result of such intervention. So, everything about a website and communication through the Internet should be protected from harm.

Security and Again Security

Remember even if your IP address is just a number, assigned by your Internet provider, you can be easily found when you surf through the Internet as far as all other web services define that number and see your location. Whether you are sitting at home or driving a car or having dinner in a restaurant somewhere when you are online, the place is easily found and that is not good for you. Of course we believe you are an honest citizen and do not go into hiding but still it is not comfortable to know that at least governments have tracked you down by your IP address.

In addition all online services monitor you thanks to those IP addresses without knowing your passport data but having an opportunity to send various targeted advertisement and follow your activity.

Moreover some online companies can restrict your access to their websites having only your IP address.

And let us remind you about hackers, which can break into networks and stole your money or confidential information or infect your computer resulting in destroying all your information.

Thus it is apparent that we should think of our privacy and security before it is too late.

The Solution

The way out is very simple and it is a virtual private network. This service installed in your device will provide you with all needed levels of defense and even more.

    • You get more privacy because all the connections cannot be linked to you or to be precise – to the device that you use to go online with. Neither the internet service provider, nor anyone else will know your interests and routes of Internet surfing.
    • You can rely on much more secure connections because this network encrypts all the information sending to the Internet being absolutely hack proof.
    • You will enjoy access to a wider range of websites without censorship and blocks because those sites cannot see your IP address.
    • You become completely anonymous because your true IP address is hidden and the Internet environment will see only temporary IP addresses without connection to you.
  • You are not expected to change your Internet practices because your virtual behavior stays the same.

Is Anonymity Connected with Health?

When anonymity is a natural intention to protect your privacy, it is a normal health ground. Moreover, ceasing being anxious about confidentiality a person feels relaxed and calm and is able to concentrate on key tasks without restrictions in actions and instruments he chooses. He thinks of quality of result and not of the consequences of potentially dangerous influence of hackers and other third persons who are not allowed to know the details of his work, projects, plans and interests.

Though some people find it comfortable in anonymity, others openly broadcast their thoughts and private life.  This is a matter of choice and… health. The main in it is that excessive worrying about problems which do not even happen may lead to panic attacks. Those who can be regarded as chronic worriers feeling unrealistic fears all the time long cannot break this circle and only increase the anxiety. They become very sensitive to the other people’s opinion, criticism and take everything around them as a potential threat. In the long run such attitude spoils their appetite and sleep, interferes in lifestyle habits, ruins relationships and of course worsens the professional performance. And here a person can start looking for rescue in alcohol, for example.

By the way as you know impotence is a normal reaction to stress. Being worrying about your online anonymity you can face the difficulties with erection. Of course, it is easy to solve the problem taking Viagra or other ED treatment but it is much better to get rid of the reason and stop worrying defensing your online communication with reliable services.